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Vladimir Yagovdik, novelist and playwright.

In 1983, the first play-tale "Golden grain" put Brest Puppet Theatre, and in 1985 the play "The sun, light".
Now, years later, I can say with confidence: it is thanks to Brest to the theater, I began writing for children. And the first panto gave squeezes the wings, forced to believe in themselves. . .
And how interesting nice people I met in Brest House of fairy tales, as sometimes also called puppet theaters! All of them, former and present residents of Brest home of fairy tales, my bow.


Sergei Kovalyov, playwright, literary critic.

My acquaintance with the Brest Puppet Theatre has happened unexpectedly: on the phone said that preparing staging of my play "Brother Ass". Such miracles in the theatrical practice are rare, and when happen - it is in Brest. And the real joy I felt when I came to the premiere, I saw the play. Then there were the festivals and awards for actors, rewards for performance. But the main reward was the friendship with the theater, in which love art and respect the children's souls. This is one of the few theaters where the playwright feels it necessary troupe ...


Boris Goldovsky, deputy director of the Theatre. Obraztsov, director of fund Obraztsov, Ph.D (Moscow, Russia).

For four and a half decades of theater grew into a major Belarusian Puppet Theater Center. This is one of the hosts of the most famous theater festival in Belarus, which tend to get tens of Puppet Theatre in Western Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, etc.
   Make friends with the theater - a great honor. And I am glad that we have established just such, creativity and human relations.


Jim Gamble, (California, USA).

For me great satisfaction was familiar with the Brest Puppet Theatre. And I want to thank you for what you have invited me to participate in the festival "White Tower". This gave me the opportunity to share their art with the audience in Belarus, as well as with colleagues from many countries that participated in the festival. And it's wonderful. Through non-political exchange of ideas with a sense of mutual respect, we can make our world a more intimate and better for mankind.


Josef Frohlich, director and actor, director of the theater pieces "KREONTOUR" g.Ravensburga (Germany).

Dear friends, puppet theater in Brest!
We love your puppet stage, and not just because it revived the wonderful tales and incredible stories. There's reign, the main principles of our lives: friendship, justice, care and solidarity. I wish the troupe to continue a lot of joy and creative mood at work, a dedicated and loyal audience. Whoever came to look at the game of the Brest Puppet, he will be fascinated.

Konrad Fredericks, founder and leader of the British street theater. (London, UK).

For the first time in 2002 I had the honor to speak at the festival "White Tower", which is held in Brest Puppet Theatre. His audience has kept portion of the souls of all those viewers, artists and performers who created the stage dramas and comedies and watched them. This feeling only occurs in a real theater. It was great to play here, in such a friendly place.
A great honor to all those who during these 45 years has supported the theater. I'm talking about those who really loves the theater - about Brest, which is the first time saw the magic of theater as a child and still serve its audience, coming here already with their own sons. Such continuity of generations is a very rare and should be valued.
I send my love and best wishes to all those who shape the theater (including drama and dog). I hope that in front of you is not a wonderful celebration of art.
Your Conrad.


Leonid Popov, director, teacher, honored artist of Ukraine, Kiev teacher hostage.

Brest Puppet Theatre has managed to retain the best national traditions and made many artistic possibilities, acquired over decades. The result - a theater, seems to be similar to many others, he became the leader, whom they know and love, not only in Belarus but also in many countries around the world. I never for a moment no doubt that leadership brestchan based on an unusual creative atmosphere created within it. It comes from the positive aura of creative leadership of the theater artists who together form a unique ensemble.

On the creative growth of the theater successfully influence and festival "White Tower". Life of the theater and the life of the festival are integral terms of the whole. Yes, the theater in Brest does a great job for their country, their art, won for him the credibility worldwide. Brest Puppet Theatre has its interesting past, will have a wonderful future.

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