Theatre competition for the best work of the year in conjunction with a professional holidays World Day of puppeteer (21sakavika) and the International Theatre Day (March 27) is the self-esteem of the theater, summing it up, revealing our acquisitions. It provides an opportunity to honor those members of the team, which last year made the greatest contribution to the common cause. The competition performances, vychushchanyya the period from March 27 last year to 27 March this year.

1. "Good-Otik begemotik" Y.Chapavetskaga (director D.Nuyanzin, artist A.Grygorev).

2. "The Canterville Ghost Castle" O. Wilde (director I.Tsypina, artist D.Kushnirenka).

3. "The Adventures of Kasperl and Seppel" O.Proysler (director Yanushkevich,  artist T.Nersisyan).

4. "Kitten named Woof" G.Oster (director R.Parhach, artist A.Korshun).
     The winners are determined in the following categories:

1. The best performance.

2. Best Actor.

3. Best Actress.

4. Best Newcomer.

5. For the devotion and loyalty to the theater. (Nominated for workers who have given the theater at least 20 years of work.)

6. For high professionalism. (Nominated for professionals of the artistic staging.)

7. For dabrasumlennasts and reliability. (Nomination applies to all employees of the theater.) The winners in the categories determined by the questioning, to take part in which all employees can theater.

    The winner is the one who gets more votes. He noted Diploma theater and a cash prize.To summarize the results of questioning, a commission consisting of at least three people.Presentation of awards takes place at the solemn meeting dedicated to the International Day of Theatre.

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Kitten named Woof
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